‘We have no where else to park’: Frustrations growing over parking fines near Island Park

No Parking sign in Fargo.
No Parking sign in Fargo.(Aaron Walling/KVLY)
Published: Jul. 17, 2022 at 4:02 PM CDT
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FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) - Some residents who live alongside 7th St. S. near Island Park in downtown Fargo are getting more and more frustrated after many of them are being ticketed for illegal parking. According to a woman that lives on that street, they have no where else to park due to a lack of available space in their apartment buildings and construction happening to another complex.

“I spoke with residents down at the other building and their quite tired of it as well,” said Amanda Borger. “So everyone is having to park on the street and so everyone is getting parking citations.”

Borger said her apartment building, which is own and managed by Goldmark, has 17 units but only 15 parking spots. This leaves people to find other places to park and with the construction happening as well, parking is becoming scarce on 7th St.

“So everyone is having to park on the street and so everyone is getting parking citations,” said Borger. “We have no where else to park so we don’t know what to do.”

The Fargo Police Dept. states that anyone can appeal their tickets. While it is an inconvenience, Patrol Lieutenant Jim Kringlie with FPD said that they are willing to work with people, they just need to go through the proper channels.

“If you do a little prior planning, we’ll work with people but they can’t just assume that, hey I can’t park in my parking lot, I can go park in a no-parking zone, it doesn’t work that way.” said Kringlie.

Another way situations like this can be avoided is through filing parking exemptions through the city. Which should be done before construction begins according to FPD.

“Apartment management can ask for an exemption,” said Kringlie. Once it’s cleared by, say city engineers, us and public works if that’s going to work we will grant an exemption to existing parking. But that has to be done prior to it.”

The City of Fargo Engineering Dept. said that Goldmark had made no such requests for a parking exemption before starting their construction on 7th St. S. According to Borger, Goldmark said they will help reimburse the parking fines that residents have been accruing in the area.

We reached out to Goldmark on Friday, but have heard back from them yet.

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