I-94 construction frustrates driver around the area

“You’ve got spring, fall, winter, summer, and construction. Not all in that order necessarily.”
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Published: Jul. 15, 2022 at 10:13 PM CDT
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FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) - If you’ve been heading from Fargo towards Moorhead, or the Lakes, you’ve probably run into the traffic backing up I-94. Many have been running late for work or other errands as a result. We went to see how long it really takes to get through it.

“The traffic has been horrendous lately. I find it hard to be able to get to work on times, sometimes. But you know what they say about us having five seasons right,” says frustrated driver Taylor Knight.

And those five seasons are…

“You’ve got spring, fall, winter, summer, and construction. Not all in that order necessarily,” he says.

Construction season impacts lots of people, especially if you’re trying to get east from Fargo, it can seem like it will never end.

“I can’t get anywhere. The trucks are so slow and they’re everywhere. You can’t get around them. It takes 20 minutes to get where you need to go,” says driver Kiley Borowicz.

We timed how long it takes to just get from exit-to-exit, we went onto the interstate on University Drive at around 5 pm. To get to Main Avenue in Moorhead, it took almost 15 minutes.

Again, that’s just time spent on the interstate.

“I think we need to make a separate highway or road for semis,” says Borowicz.

“I think either tunnels or roads that go above the other roads would be the solution,” says Knight.

In the meantime, while we wait for another construction season to pass, MNDOT says to obey the speed limits, stay alert, and watch for construction workers, so everyone can make it home safely.

According to MNDOT, drivers should expect delays on I-94 until August 19th.

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