The long weekend has fireworks shoppers back for more

Fourth of July is a big weekend for firework fans everywhere.
Published: Jul. 3, 2022 at 8:52 PM CDT
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FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) - Fourth of July is a big weekend for firework fans everywhere.

Some have already lit theirs off, others are waiting until tomorrow night, and many are back for more last minute firework shopping.

Fireworks are a staple for the Fourth of July weekend.

That’s been keeping local firework shops busy.

“We’ve seen a lot of out-of-state tourism. People have been stopping by,” says Ron Knutson, Memory Fireworks.

“We’ve seen a lot of people from Wisconsin because they learned how great our fireworks are,” says Dave Reuter, Memory Fireworks.

Memory Fireworks says people have been stocking up on all sorts of fireworks, but especially the big, finale ones.

“People love our series so much, our Memory Dakota Series, they keep coming back for more,” says Reuter.

They say some come back for what they got last year, and others are in to try something new.

But everyone has their favorites.

“My favorite are the really sparkly ones,” says fireworks shopper Olivia.

“I really like the snake one,” says another fireworks shopper, Olivia.

If you don’t want the kids playing with sparklers and risking a burn, there are alternatives

“LED stuff for the kids, we have an LED flag light stick, LED rings, and an LED bracelet,” says Reuter.

Memory Fireworks says, while you’re having fun, to remember to stay safe.

This especially goes for the one lighting off the fireworks.

“We really stress to brace everything, especially the smaller ones. We obviously try to get the ones that don’t tip, but make sure you brace everything for everyone’s safety,” says Reuter.

Bracing can be as simple as putting a cinderblock on each side of the firework, and be sure you can see the fumes.

After it’s done, dump water on it.

“Let the firework sit until the next day, then throw them away,” says Knutson.

If you still need a few more fireworks for your show, Memory Fireworks is open for North Dakota residents through Tuesday.

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