‘We never want to have to’: Sheriff on deadly officer-involved shooting in Mott

Deadly officer-involved shooting in Mott
Deadly officer-involved shooting in Mott(KFYR-TV)
Published: Jun. 23, 2022 at 8:29 PM CDT
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MOTT, N.D. (KFYR) - Last April the town of Mott was shaken by an officer-involved shooting at the school.

A Hettinger County deputy made contact with a parent who refused to leave the school.

It’s a call Hettinger County Sheriff Sarah Warner says deputies don’t want to make.

“We never want to have to, to have to deal with an officer who has to take a life, that’s not our intention ever with what we do in our business, unfortunately it does happen,” said Sarah Warner, Hettinger County Sheriff.

According to documents and interviews conducted by North Dakota BCI, Deputy Jed Kohler arrived at Mott Regent School on April 21st after receiving a call about a child pick up dispute.

Sheriff Warner said Deputy Kohler tried to talk to parent Jeffrie Glover and de-escalate the situation.

“Asked Mr. Glover to step outside, let’s talk about this outside, Mr. Glover started to exit the building but then some children started coming through the door and he entered the school, said Warner.

She says after not following his commands, Kohler informed Glover he would tase him, and when met with more resistance, he did.

Warner adds that when Kohler tried to handcuff Glover, he took Kohler down.

“Glover ended up on top of my deputy, and my deputy hitting his head and blacking out for a short time,” said Warner.

She says the deputy reached for his knife to get space between him and Glover and that’s when Glover became fixated with the knife.

Kohler checked for his gun, drew his weapon, pushed Glover back, and shot him.

“When a deputy is getting attacked, there’s nothing else that can be done,” said Warner.

Glover died at the school, and after a thorough review of Kohler’s actions, it was determined his actions were justified and he followed the use of force policy.

Warner said deputy Kohler is back on duty, but it’s a situation they’ll never forget.

“It is a stress on his body it’s a stress on his mental health and we’re just behind him,” said Warner.

Warner said they are in process of getting body cameras. She said the school cameras were down that day.

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