VNL Investigates: Packages stolen in S. Fargo

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Published: Jun. 17, 2022 at 10:27 PM CDT
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FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) - A South Fargo woman recently stopped an alleged thief from stealing her packages on Tuesday, however she couldn’t stop her from taking the rest of them which belonged to neighbors. She now hopes that spreading the word will help protect others from having their property stolen as well.

The S. Fargo woman said she was waiting for her packages from Amazon to arrive. After some time had passed, she went to the mailroom and spotted a woman carrying packages away. She decided to follow her outside and confront her just in case if she had her property. After her initial conversation, the S. Fargo woman knew something wasn’t right.

“So my thought was like, ok she’s stealing packages, because you wouldn’t go to hand me items that were yours and say, ‘Oh this might be yours’. So at that point I was like, ‘Ok give me my box’. I was very frustrated, and I was like, ‘I have another one and you need to give me that one too’.” said the S. Fargo woman.

After trying to get more information, the S. Fargo woman took her phone out and got a picture of the thief. What added to the stress of the situation is that she received a confirmation email from Amazon saying her packages were delivered to her. When in reality, they were being taken away.

“Very frustrating. I’m not going to lie, when I received an email back from them, they were very apologetic and it seemed like something was going to change until I received a message from my neighbor today,” said the S. Fargo woman about a text she got from a neighbor. “She got the same thing. ‘It’s been handed to your hands’, she’s at work. So that did not happen.”

She added that the Amazon Logistics Customer Service wrote her an email. Stating they plan to handle the situation and extending their deepest apologies.

“This kind if package delivery is not acceptable as we advise and train our drivers not to leave the packages unattended and strictly follow the delivery instructions if there is any.” in an email from the Amazon Logistics Customer Service.

We reached out to Amazon after our interview in S. Fargo asking about the their drivers’ policy when it comes to handling and delivering packages, and about the incident that took place this week.

“We work hard to provide customers with a great experience and regret that this situation did not live up to our high standards,” wrote Simone Griffin of Amazon in an email to Valley News Live. “We’re continuing to investigate this incident and we will reach out to the customer to make it right.”

The Fargo Police Dept. also confirmed that there is an open investigation. The South Fargo woman just hopes that other people don’t lose their property.

“I’m just really bummed out. Because I ordered things that can be replaced, but what about people, they have someone sending them something valuable.” said the S. Fargo woman.

If you have any information about this case or about recently stolen packages, contact the Fargo Police Dept.

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