Flat tire brings a safety reminder and kindness from a stranger

Published: Jun. 17, 2022 at 7:01 PM CDT
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Charles City, IA (Valley News Live) - As we hit the road this summer for trips across town, state or the county, it’s important to remember that you can go from fifty to flat, just like that.

And according to AAA, 28% of 2017 model year vehicles did not come with spare tires as standard, but don’t forget to check your other equipment as well.

Such as the wheel lug wrench which could be the wrong size or a stubborn fit.

Luckily, a complete stranger, Al McGregor of Charles City, Iowa, stopped to lend a hand and a hammer.

“Why doesn’t that go on any farther than that. This is like a ford thing, hey guys,” he said as he fiddled with the difficult lug wrench.

But with some persistence and some persuasion, what started as a bump in the road ended with complete strangers working together and swapping stories like a Nascar pit crew.

“If this was somebody’s fancy corvette, I wouldn’t do this,” McGregor joked as he smacked the flat tire loose.

While we were fortunate to be in the good graces of a complete stranger’s kindness in helping us in a time of need, it’s a good reminder to check your equipment before you’re stuck in a situation like this.

When asked why he stopped, McGregor said, “I was getting some supplies from the shop, I’m working at the church today, and I said I need to check on these guys.” He added, “they’ll fix the tire for nothing, if they’re really nice guys,” when referring us to repair shops.

When asked if the folk around here were nice he quickly answered, “oh gosh, oh gosh yes.”

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