FPD warns of burglars hitting south Fargo neighborhoods

Published: Jun. 16, 2022 at 6:01 PM CDT
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FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) - Fargo Police are calling on all residents to be on guard against an increase in burglaries.

Since December, officials say at least 10 homes have been hit by what appears to be the same burglars in the Rose Creek neighborhood, as well as the Timberline, Centennial and Stone Bridge neighborhoods. Two of those burglaries happened just within the last two weeks.

“It’s probably likely that folks are driving around during the daytime to look at some of these locations. We’re not exactly sure how they’re picking them, other than it appears that in almost all of the cases people have been out of town for a period of time,” Fargo Police Chief David Zibolski said.

Zibolski says the suspects are getting into the homes through windows and sliding glass doors, and are running off with jewelry and other valuable items. He encourages homeowners to not only lock your windows before you go out of town, but to also put a two by four in your sliding glass door to make it harder to break in. Zibolski adds it’s also important to have your security systems and cameras on a battery back-up as the criminals have been pulling and cutting wires to make sure they stay undetected.

“This particular group of individuals is coming through almost exclusively through windows. So, unless the window’s broken and you have a motion sensor inside or a glass break-in sensor, they may be able to get into your window if they go in and out of that same point of entry,” he said.

Zibolski also emphasizes the importance of logging serial numbers or marking your valuable items like watches, jewelry and firearms.

“Even if stolen, those photos, the marking on them or the serial numbers is critically important for us in terms of locating those items should they be pawned,” he said.

Most importantly, FPD urges you to keep your neighbors in the loop when you’re heading out of town as you never know what the naked eye could catch that technology might miss.

At this time, police say the burglars only appear to be hitting Fargo as other agencies across the metro haven’t seen this type of activity.

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