UPDATE: Eric Reinbold charged with attempted escape from custody and assault of officers

Eric Reinbold
Eric Reinbold(Pennington County Sheriff's Office)
Published: Jun. 8, 2022 at 9:23 PM CDT
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PENNINGTON COUNTY, Minn. (Valley News Live) - Eric Reinbold attempted to escape from the Pennington County Correctional Facility on Saturday, now adding three more charges to his record.

Reinbold is being held at the Pennington County jail on murder charges from 2021- he was arrested for killing his wife in Oklee, Minnesota- where he assaulted at least three officers in an attempt to escape the facility last weekend.

According to documents, Reinbold attacked the officer that was delivering medication to the inmates on a cart. He was reportedly brandishing a white colored pencil as a weapon. After a brief struggle, the officer fell backwards and struck the back of her head on the concrete floor.

Reinbold then turned his attention to another officer that had just approached upon seeing the commotion.

He ordered this officer to open an interior door, which the officer refused, so Reinbold tore the officer’s corrections badge from his uniform and attempted to use the badge reader to open the door.

Upon being unsuccessful, Reinbold held the pencil to the officer’s throat and demanded again that he open the door. Again, the officer refused, so Reinbold slammed him into a concrete wall and tackled him.

Having heard the first officer yelling, a third officer made her way to the scene where she pointed her taser at Reinbold and fired, according to documents.

The taser probes struck him in the chest but his body did not immobilize completely. He dropped the pencil and fall backwards off of the officer he had been pinning, still fighting. The third officer fired her taser again but the cartridge was spent and Reinbold was unaffected.

At this point, Reinbold had the stolen badge flipped open, with the sharp pin exposed. Recognizing the threat, the first officer threw herself on Reinbold as the third officer removed the spent cartridge from her taser and drive stunned Reinbold in the ribcage (used the taser without the projectile probes/direct contact).

Documents report that Reinbold was then successfully handcuffed and placed in a holding cell. Reinbold is charged with two counts of assault on a correctional officer- one using a deadly weapon and the other inflicting bodily harm- and with attempting to escape from custody.

The hearing for these new charges will take place on Friday at 9:30am.

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