Crookston city ordinance sparks concerns for food truck owners

Published: Jun. 9, 2022 at 1:32 AM CDT
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CROOKSTON, Minn. (Valley News Live) - As more food trucks are eyeing Crookston as a spot to operate their business, the city is taking precautionary action by enforcing an ordinance, requiring them to have a license.

Some food truck owners say it’s kind of late for that.

Landen Duckworth, the co-owner of the Lucky Duck food truck says he has concerns about the ordinance impacting his business.

“Where I am, I am closed,” said Duckworth.

As of June 1st, the city of Crookston is now enforcing the ordinance in regards to transient merchants such as food trucks that started in 1926, but was updated in 2011.

This rule in particular requires mobile vendors to have a license to operate, but it hasn’t always been strictly enforced over the years.

“Having this be enacted right in the middle of the season was really a shock wave for me,” said Duckworth.

The interim city administrator says there is an increasing trend of food trucks wanting to operate in the city.. which he says prompted the reminder of the ordinance.

“The purpose of that is so that we know what vendors are going to be present in Crookston. Where they are going to set up and when they are going to be there and that they have the proper state documentation,” said Charles Reynolds. “It’s a health and safety issue and an awareness to the community.”

The license would last for 14 days as food trucks are only allowed to operate in one spot for that allotted time. which can be used consecutively or separately.

ut of his concern...Duckworth started a petition hoping to bring forth awareness of how the ordinance should be changed.

“I would like to maybe change the amount of time one has to operate within Crookston,” Duckworth said. ”Not every food truck that comes to town is going to be able to operate for the full 14 days.”

Duckworth says he isn’t against being required to have a license but recommends the city offer them in increments such as daily or seasonal.

The interim city administrator says there are no plans to take punitive action and no businesses have been shut down due to re-enacting the ordinance.

Potential revisions to the ordinance are set to go before the Crookston city council next Monday.

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