‘Thankful that they did this for us’: Grand Forks couple shares experience with Glasser Images on national TV

Published: May. 20, 2022 at 9:15 PM CDT
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FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) - Brianne and Bryce O’Niell are one of the many couples that were left without their photos from their wedding, after Glasser Images closed their stores last October. The O’Niells were able to get their precious photos back thanks to the help from Dr. Phil and the company Shootproof.

”I felt so thankful that they did this for us,” said Bryce O’Niell, after him and Brianne were on the Dr. Phil show. “Such a crazy experience. I don’t foresee anybody else wanting to go on Dr. Phil. This is just mind blowing to me that we did this. I’m so excited that everybody else might be able to get their stuff back.”

According to the O’Niells, they used their opportunity on national television to help spread awareness of what many couples have faced because of Glasser Images. Helping along the way was Rachel LaCour Niesen, the Head of Marketing Intelligence at Shootproof.

“Was a really emotional moment for me. I was definitely tearing up a little bit too,” said Niesen when she saw the O’Niells receive their wedding photos on the Dr. Phil Show. “When I saw Brianne start to tear up I knew that I was about to cry a bit as well. It was in the end, I think one of the highlights of my career.”

However, Shootproof’s involvement is coming to a close at the end of the month. According to Niesen, they were able to help 140 families and couples, but there are still many out there that haven’t received their photos yet. As the O’Niells and Shootproof put it, it is a jumbled mess left behind by Glasser and it takes a lot of effort to tackle it.

“Dr. Phil said they went through a lot of hoops to get our’s done just because there is so many couples and so many thousands of pictures.” said Brianne O’Niell.

According to the O’Niells, there are still a lot of families and couples on their Facebook group page that haven’t received their photos yet.

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