Dog owner says his dog was attacked by unleashed dog in South Fargo

One person living in South Fargo says their dog was attacked by another dog while it was leashed in his own backyard earlier this week, the dog is now recovering and doing well but the owner wants to remind people of Fargo’s leash laws.
Published: May. 17, 2022 at 5:14 PM CDT
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FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) - “I wasn’t sure if my dog was going to make it out of this or if he did, how bad injured or how badly injured he was going to be, I wasn’t sure,” said Rod Heit, a resident in South Fargo for 5 years.

Earlier this week, on the 900 block of 4th street south, Rod Heit said he heard growling in his backyard where he keeps his dog on a leash.

When he went outside he saw two unleashed dogs face to face with his own.

Before Heit or the dog walker could do anything, one of the unleashed dogs bit and latched onto Heit’s dog’s chest.

“It was a scary situation, there was blood dripping while it was happening so I was really concerned for the damage that already happened, the ongoing, and what it was going to do next,” he said.

They got the dogs separated and Heit’s dog didn’t have any deep wounds.

“That whole situation that was just unnecessary, it didn’t need to happen, totally preventable, 100% preventable if they just followed the leash laws around here,” he said.

A Fargo city ordinance states a pet owner is required to keep their pet on a leash when not on their property.

“There are multiple parties when you’re out in city limits that are affected by that there are other people, other kids, other dogs, your dog,” he said.

Heit recognized the dog to be one from his neighborhood and he worries about the proximity of an elementary school that is nearby to the unleashed dogs.

“That’s the worst-case right, that’s what we think about, if that dog did something to a human being, there’s a huge liability that you would face by having your dog off-leash,” he said.

Heit reported the attack to the Fargo Police Department Monday evening.

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