Fargo drivers left stalled and stranded on flooded roads

32nd Avenue and University Drive were among the many streets that were holding significant water.
Street flooding
Published: May. 9, 2022 at 5:48 PM CDT
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FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) - Many drivers in the Valley battled the elements on the roads this morning.

“Any situation where you’re submerged in water or near water is never good for the vehicle,” said Vernon Newman, general manager at Matt’s Automotive Service Center.

32nd Avenue and University Drive were among the many streets that were holding significant water.

“I would say about 10, 10:30 that’s when the cars were starting to stall on 32nd avenue here,” said Sharon Pettie, a manager at Royal South Liquors.

Pettie said that during her morning shift, many customers were having trouble navigating through it.

“They said it was all the way up to the wheel wells and there were like 15 cars or pickups stalled so one guy came in a couple of hours later and he said he had to borrow a vehicle because his pickup was towed away, he made it three blocks and it just stalled,” said Pettie.

“We’ve been getting quite a few calls, mostly ‘my car stopped running’ or ‘I pulled over and now my car won’t restart’, ‘I hear a noise’, a lot of those types of complaints so there’s a number of things that can happen from driving over the water,” said Newman.

Newman said many vehicles ride low to the ground, along with important parts of the vehicle that need to stay dry.

“We need things to breathe and not get water inside of them such as your engine or your intake system, and what we end up finding is that water will splash and get inside of there and now we have water inside of the engine which is not good,” said Newman.

He says if drivers have to go through flooded areas, there’s not much they can do except be proactive and get their car checked at an auto body shop afterward.

“They said they have to find vehicles to get to work or get to where they’re going or they have to rent a car, get a friend because theirs was towed away,” said Pettie.

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