Valley City feels comfortable with preparations for future flood waters

Published: Apr. 27, 2022 at 10:36 PM CDT
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FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) - The flood waters in Valley City, ND, are still impacting parts of the town. However, with more rain on the horizon, city officials say ‘They’re ready, they’re prepared’ to take on the coming challenges of the water levels.

“It’s very important to get flood protection in place because, you just don’t want flood waters coming into your community.” said Rich Schueneman, the manager of the Baldhill Dam.

Valley City Mayor Dave Karlsrud said that without their preparations in town, they could have faced similar problems like they did from 2009-2011. That was before they had the permanent flood protection in place.

“I can tell you that we would be like Crookston, we would just be hustling and battling to beat the bend.” said Mayor Karlsrud.

While the permanent flood protection is in place, there are other areas in the town that need to be protected from the floodwaters. That’s where the makeshift levees and metal planks along the Sheyenne River comes into play.

“I feel that Valley City is prepared, they’ve been doing a great job panning and working on getting their permanent flood protection walls, the plank walls, that have been in place. We have the temporary levees in place. I feel pretty good about things right now.” said Schueneman.

According to Schueneman, they were able to get the levees up within two and a half days. What normally takes a bit longer, was done in a short amount of time. At least 1.5 inches of rain is forecasted for the area this week. While there are protection plans in place to handle the flooding of the Sheyenne River, Schueneman said that communities still need to be cautious.

“Nobody can predict how much rain is going to actually fall, or where,” said Schueneman. “There’s a lot of variables out there, that’s what I want people to understand. There’s so many variables that go into this.”

Valley City officials during a special meeting in town stated that there is 24-hour monitoring of the river’s water levels to keep an eye on the situation.

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