Local veteran answering Ukraine’s call for help

In nine days, he’ll be taking off to Poland to join the fight.
Published: Mar. 20, 2022 at 9:49 PM CDT
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FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) - One Moorhead Air Force veteran is answering Ukrainian President Zelenskyy’s call to join a foreign legion.

This is the first time one has been formed in 80 years.

In nine days, he’ll be taking off to Poland to join the fight.

“We’re not trying to be heroes. We’re just trying to help people,” says U.S. Air Force veteran Mark J. Lindquist.

He says through lots of tears, family and friends have been great in his decision to head to Warsaw.

“I drove home to my parents down in Ortonville and sat at their table. Even as a 40-year old man, I wanted to let mom and dad know the mission I’m being called to complete,” says Lindquist.

He says many veterans from all over the world have also answered the call.

“World events to conspire like this, and us being on the brink of WW3, veterans everywhere, all 18 million of us U.S. vets, our ears are perked up to find out what’s going to happen with this world event, certainly involving Putin. Many are answering the call,” says Lindquist.

He says it’s not a surprise that so many have either.

It’s just what they do.

“We’ve done it before. All of veterans around the world, we have already pledged to die for someone we don’t know. It doesn’t matter if they’re in Arkansas or Ukraine, as long as it’s for the cause of freedom,” he says.

Lindquist says he submitted an application to the Ukrainian Territorial Defense and is awaiting the interview process.

Even if he isn’t accepted, he’s still going to help.

“That’s fine. I will find other ways to serve,” he says.

He tells us he and his fellow vets plan to help by setting up more humanitarian contacts to get people out.

“I’ll go down, hopefully with a car or a van that I buy and go to the border. Then try to get people out: orphans, people who need to be rescued, people who can’t ride in a train with 2,000 people. We’re going to try to go extract them, if we can secure that van and make a path through the humanitarian zones to get in,” he says.

Lindquist hopes his efforts will be an inspiration for others to find ways to lend a hand.

“I hope it will inspire everyone in town who cares about Ukraine to have someone they know on the ground giving you a no B.S. assessment of what’s happening,” he says.

This is an open-ended commitment for him, and he doesn’t know when he’ll be back.

“Look at the situation that made the greatest generation, WW2, and then look at the situation today. I don’t see many differences. They’re very similar. These bad actors on planet Earth are trying to deny people freedom that is their natural right,” he says.

Lindquist says he will soon set up an account at a local bank to allow any one to make donations.

He’ll let everyone know when it’s up and running on his Facebook page.

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