Unruly fan allegedly assaults a referee at a boy’s high school basketball game

Published: Mar. 15, 2022 at 11:09 PM CDT
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(Valley News Live) - An unruly fan is being charged, after a video shows him assaulting a referee, officiating a high school basketball game in western Minnesota.

The irate fan is now identified as 45-year-old Phillip Lokken of Detroit Lakes.

He is charged with misdemeanor assault and disorderly conduct in connection to the incident that took place during a boy’s basketball game between Lake Park-Audubon and Win-E-mac on January 13th.

In a video obtained from the Lake Park-Audubon School District, Lokken is seen shouting at the referee.

He proceeds to throw what. court records say was a bag of popcorn.

The referee then signals to eject Lokken from the gym.

Lokken also appears to flip off the ref with his middle fingers as he begins to exit.

Before he walks out, Lokken approaches the referee tearing off his whistle.

The complaint states that Lokken had become upset after the ref called a foul on one of the Win-E-Mac players.

According to the Lake Park-Audubon Superintendent, Lokken was not a known member of either the LPA or Win-E-Mac communities.

Superintendents of both districts filed no trespassing orders.

“By letting that go, that would be setting precedent. First of all, that is a bad example to set before the students, fans, and our audience,” said Timothy Godfrey, the superintendent of Lake Park-Audubon School District. “We want to set an example to our community, students, staff that that is unacceptable here and it won’t be tolerated.”

Godfrey says the district will continue to stress good behavior in the future.

Court records also say the referee was startled and thought Lokken was going to hit after being approached.

It also states that Lokken expressed to the referee that he was making bad calls all night and that he “had enough of it.”

Lokken is scheduled to appear in court on April 28th.

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