Whistleblower: Fargo woman wants answers after hit and run

Published: Jan. 14, 2022 at 10:59 PM CST
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FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) - On Jan. 5, Savannah Schock was involved in a hit and run near the intersection of 15th Ave. SW. and 42nd St. S. The driver that caused the crash fled the scene leaving Schock with a badly, damaged truck and a nasty concussion.

“All of a sudden a Jeep comes flying through a red light.” said Schock.

The crash involved the other vehicle running a red light and causing Schock to rear-end it. According to the Fargo Police Dept., the driver that caused the incident fled the scene immediately and still hasn’t been found.

“If an individual is involved in a hit and run, the Fargo Police Department reminds individuals to be a good witness and get as much information about the other vehicle as possible, without putting yourself in danger.” said Fargo PD in a statement.

For Schcock, this was her first truck. Her only way of getting around town is now waiting to be repaired, with no idea how big the bill will be. Schock just wants to know why the other driver drove away after the crash.

“Like, why would you run and making it hurt you more than anything. Especially not checking up on the person that, the whole vehicle is basically destroyed and not checking up on them is kind of like why would you do that?” said Schcock.

Here are some tips if you are involved in a hit and run:

-Try to get the plates and make/model of the vehicle

-Immediately call the police

-Identify the damage on the vehicle that is fleeing.

-And safely take pictures of the damage and any potential paint that may have been transferred in the accident

“Very scary for me, first accident, never dealt with that before. Like, this is my truck, first vehicle. Literally I put a lot of time and money into it and all that impact just really effected me.” said Schock.

If you have any information about this hit and run, you are asked to call Fargo Police.

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