Toyota Stadium in prime condition for FCS Championship Game

Published: Jan. 8, 2022 at 10:15 AM CST
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FRISCO, TX (Valley News Live) - The weather in Frisco has been fantastic this last month and it’s created a perfect situation for the crew at Toyota Stadium who have been tasked with getting the field ready for not just one, but three college football games over the last month. They say the years of experience have made a world of difference in the conditions the bison and the bobcats will play on.

“Of course mother nature, turns a little bit the week of but we’re ready to ride,” said Nick Shafer, Vice President of Stadium Operations.

The Toyota Stadium turf is in prime condition for the FCS National Championship game this week. The Vice President of Stadium Operations going as far as to call it the best yet in his 16 years at the park.

“Was talking to my grounds crew on Monday and because of the 70 degree temperatures, post bowl games, our fields are actually where they’re at mid-March.”

They hosted 16 high school football games this fall and then two FBS bowl games in December, where Shafer says they saw very little damage to the turf.

“The field played well. There was a little bit of slipping, again we go back to, their wearing the artificial turf cleats that slip but what you see to, it doesn’t mud up because it’s a sand based field. And so what you see on tv, it’s just dirt getting on the grass. After these games, they’ll go in and mow and we’ll come in the next day and it’ll look like nothing. You’ll get some divots from the big boys but they’ve learned a lot over the years.”

While Toyota Stadium is the home for FC Dallas, and they host everything from concerts to major International events during a year. For Shafer and his crew, it’s all about the FCS National Championship.

“We just love it. We love the game. We do the bowl games and my staff and I see it, we chuckle. It’s a little different than a championship game and how they approach it but ultimately we love the true championship because ultimately we all know it’s a true champion.”

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