Frisco businesses welcome Bison fans with open arms

Published: Jan. 8, 2022 at 10:28 AM CST
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FRISCO, TX (Valley News Live) - One thing that has become apparent in our short time in Frisco is that the fan bases are here in full force. Everywhere we go we see green and yellow shirts. The businesses are welcoming Bison nation with open arms.

Doors opened early on the eve of the National Championship as bars in the Frisco area welcomed Bison Nation. Many of these bars and restaurants have signs welcoming the fans back, Bison flags waving outside their doors, and are even wearing North Dakota State T-shirts to make these fans feel right at home.

“Everybody is going nuts for the Bison. We love having you guys here,” said Clint Archer, General Manager of Scruffy Duffies. “It brings a different animal to Plano. Looking forward to it man, we look forward to it every year. Go Bison.”

Scruffy Duffies is one of a network of bars that have officially linked themselves to the NDSU Football team. They are recognized by the Bison team makers as Official Bison Supporters. The support system continues to grow in NDSU’s home away from home.

“I think we’ve created a good Bison culture with the experience we provide for every customer that comes in here. Not just for the Bison it for everyone. That means we’re doing something right on our behalf as well.”

Archer told us it’s the busiest day of the year whenever the Bison make it to Frisco, but they’re prepared to serve the Herd.

“The more the merrier. I’ll take customers until the fire marshal kicks them out. When I say we love the Bison, we love the Bison.”

That preparation includes stocking up on Bison Nation’s favorite drink, which at Scruffy Duffies is Captain Morgan.

“They drink a lot of Captain Morgan. And I love it, it’s good, but Captain must just flow up there.”

They told us over at Scruffy Duffies that they quadruple their supply of Captain Morgan before these national title games. He also said that the only time the bar gets that packed is maybe St. Patrick’s Day. So this game is a big deal for the teams, the Bison fans, and the people of Frisco, Texas.

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