Carbon monoxide detectors are in high demand

Published: Jan. 4, 2022 at 1:16 AM CST
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FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) - It’s the time of year when many people should be thinking about checking or replacing their carbon monoxide detectors.

“I just stopped in to pick up a carbon monoxide detector. My batteries just went off on my carbon monoxide detector and it told me that it was at the end of its life,” said Naomi Wawers, a customer at a local hardware store.

Naomi says she always makes sure to keep her detectors running properly.

“We have several gas appliances,” she said “I’m always aware that if there is something that happens with any of those we may not understand or realize something happens until it’s too late.”

It’s far too common many homes do not have working detectors.

“It’s always important to have them up and running, and working,” said Bruce Anderson, the battalion chief for the Fargo Fire Department.

The unfortunate Moorhead tragedy where seven people died due to carbon monoxide is serving as a reminder.

“That was kind of a wake-up call,” said Anderson.

The safety equipment is now in high demand.

“The manager of the Braggraff’s Ace Hardware store on University Drive says they have sold more carbon monoxide detectors this month than they have all year.

“We’ve had a hard time keeping up with the supply,” said David Gregor. ”We’ve sold three dozen in the over the past two weeks. We normally don’t see that many sales in a couple of months.”

If you happen to snag one, this is where they should go.

“You should have them on every level of your home. You should have them in hallways outside bedrooms,” Anderson said.

Those that already have them, should be checking the detectors monthly or at least every 6 months. This can be done by pushing the test button on many models.

If they beep, don’t ignore them.

“The beeps tell you something very specific. The number of beeps has a message for you and it’s important for you to listen to it,” Wawers said.

Depending on the detector, the beeps could mean the equipment or the batteries need to be replaced. They also could mean carbon monoxide is being detected in your home.

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