Mother nature allows golfers to get back at it

Published: Dec. 1, 2021 at 6:16 PM CST
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LEONARD, N.D. (Valley News Live) - Dozens of eager golfers are enjoying a mulligan of sorts as they gather again to a sport that’s usually wrapped up in these parts by now.

“Golf in December! Woohoo! It can’t get much better than this!” exclaimed one golfer.

Owners of the Leonard Country Club say they’re known for being the first course to open in the spring and the last to close in the winter

“We always reopen if the weather turns out nice,” said co-owner Angie Pulczinski.

With temps in the 50′s, December 1 was a chance to swing away on ground that is usually frozen by now.

“We would need a drill to the the ball in the ground,” said Shaw Amundson.

For now, as long as the conditions will allow, they will be teeing up every chance they get.

“Today is awesome! When you get 50 degrees in December it’s kind of an anomaly,” said course co-owner Michael Pulczinski.

Keith Gilleshammer and his group have been at the Leonard course everyday this week, sometimes getting in two rounds. He said they have no plans to stop until mother nature drives them from the course.

Leonard Country Club is a family owned course, which makes it easier to reopen if the weather permits.

“We live on the property so it’s a matter of just getting the flags in and getting the carts out and starting up again,” said Pulczinski.

He added the course was so busy today, they had to turn some disappointed golfers away.

“I’m just grateful they open up for us,” said Gilleshammer.

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