‘It means more than just words’: Down Home helping families in the fight against homelessness

Published: Nov. 28, 2021 at 8:29 PM CST
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FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) - Down Home is helping families that are emerging from homelessness and they gathered in Moorhead to spread some holiday cheer. One of those families shared their experience of being helped out by the organization.

“We were homeless, we lived in a truck, bouncing from couch to couch with our kids and at the time we only had our son Terrance. It got to the breaking point where we’re like, ‘We need help.’.” said Melody Kendl.

Kendl says it’s more than just the generosity, but it comes down to the little things.

“Furniture isn’t just it. Birthdays, just reaching out to see if we’re ok and all that stuff.” said Kendl.

For Terrance Wren and Kendl, receiving the kindness from Down Home inspired to do the same. They started their own organization called, ‘We Are Human’.

“Made me want to get up and start giving back myself. So I even started an organization called ‘We are Human’ and spread love, unity and positivety with everybody state to state.” said Wren.

The executive director for Down Home, Jenessa Fillipi, has seen the project from it’s humble beginnings and hopes to see the cycle of poverty break.

“So I look forward to the day when there is someone that comes back, like you said, 20 years from now and say, ‘You helped my family and look where we are now today?’” said Fillipi.

In the end, it means more than words could explain for Wren and his family. Both he and Kendl grew up as foster kids.

“It means more to me than just words or the furniture at all. It touched me more than anything that they will ever know. Even me crying right here, right now, they still won’t know how much it means to me so. I mean, I love it man, I love everything that they’ve done and it’s meant a lot to our family.” said Wren.

Down Home is running their Christmas event with the Fargo-Moorhead area Foundation Catalog through Dec. 13.

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