Local shelter advises people to be extra careful with their pets this winter

As it gets colder, it can be dangerous for animals to be outside.
Published: Nov. 20, 2021 at 10:22 PM CST
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FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) - As it gets colder, it can be dangerous for animals to be outside.

“A kitten just a couple of weeks ago, not even two weeks ago that was frozen to the ground. The paws were frozen to the ground. Unfortunately, we got the kitten and by the time we got the kitten, it was having some seizure-like activities. We took it to the emergency room, and it went into cardiac arrest and passed away,” says Executive Director at Cats Cradle Shelter in Fargo Gail Adams-Ventzke.

Among other things, they can get frostbite which could leave them with lasting injuries

“I can’t tell you how many tails we’ve had to amputate, or have just even fallen off, after coming in from a cold winter,” says the executive director.

If your pet runs away from home, Cats Cradle says the first thing you should do is call the pound.

Make sure to send the pound a picture of your pet and check in with them on a daily basis.

“A lot of times when cats get out they don’t go very far, they’re usually found very close to home--under a step, under a deck, under a car, under the engine of a car,” says Adams-Ventzke.

Cats cradle says you can put out food, water, and something with your scent on it to bring your pet home.

“Call someone and see if you can get a live trap setup. Maybe a rescue can help,” says Adams-Ventzke.

So... What should you check for if you find your pet outside?

“The first thing you want to do is check for injuries, then I would make an appointment with the vet, get them de-wormed because if they’ve been outside they’ve probably been eating things like rabbits, squirrels, and whatever roadkill they could find and there might be parasites in that,” says the executive director.

There are ways you can help even if it’s not your pet.

If you see an animal wandering in your yard you can help by making a shelter out of a plastic tote with food, water, and straw.

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