How turkey prices stack up in the Red River Valley

Anderson says turkey numbers and pounds produced are at their lowest numbers since 2015,...
Anderson says turkey numbers and pounds produced are at their lowest numbers since 2015, causing the wholesale price per pound to increase by about 17%.(KBTX)
Published: Nov. 19, 2021 at 5:13 PM CST
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FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) - For months, inflation has caused prices to skyrocket. As the holidays inch closer and closer, prices continue to go up.

“2020 was challenging, but 2021 is excruciating,” said father of four Zach Deitz.

The American Farm Bureau Federation reports thanksgiving dinner prices have surged 14% this year, hitting families in the Red River Valley in the pocketbook.

“Especially produce. That was one of the biggest shocks really throughout the past year,” said Elisha Anderson.

When it comes to feeding his larger-than-average family, “Costco is good for anything with nine people,” said Deitz.

Turkey continues to be among the most affordable choices for meat. At Costco, the price of a turkey was $0.99/lb. Walmart offered the same brand of turkey a penny per pound cheaper. Cash Wise sold a whole turkey for $1.28/lb. That same turkey at Hornbacher’s was $0.41 more per pound. Hornbacher’s generic brand turkey is $0.89/lb. But, the cheapest turkey we found was at Aldi where a butterball turkey was $0.87/lb.

The USDA reports turkey prices are up more than 20% since last year. Fortunately for Deitz, Grandma foot the bill for the turkey this year.

“It’s hard to not just say thanks and take the help when you can get it with a family of our size,” said Deitz.

The Farm Bureau blames the price increases on supply chain disruptions, inflation, and high demand for food, especially meat.

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