Fargo Liquor Control Board approves transfer recommendation of Africa’s liquor license

The club was given 30 days to find a buyer for its liquor license or have it revoked.
Published: Oct. 20, 2021 at 9:43 PM CDT
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FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) - We’re getting a clearer picture of what the controversial Africa Restaurant and Nightclub may look like if and when it re-opens.

The club was given 30 days to find a buyer for its liquor license or have it revoked.

Today, Fargo’s liquor control board is approving a recommendation for the transfer of the license to the building’s owner.

The owner of the building housing the Africa Bar and Restaurant is commercial realtor Tyler Brandt.

Because Brandt has only had a short amount of time to put together his plan for the business, the board didn’t receive as much information as it normally would for a plan like this to be approved.

”You know, it would be his risk if he bought this license and he comes with a bad application, and we say, ‘No this isn’t good enough then that’s a suspension or a failure. We’re not gonna activate it. So, I think there’s probably some legal reason also we should do this based on the past,” said board member Robert Nelson.

The Liquor Control Board may have approved his request, but there are some conditions.

The board said after seeing what has happened at the club in the past, it wants to make sure there is new, solid ownership and management.

Fargo Assistant City Attorney Nancy Morris said the Africa Nightclub and Brandt made an agreement to transfer the license.

With the timing of the agreement, it does fulfill the board’s requirement of thirty days for Africa to sell or return the license to the city.

However, it could be a few months before Brandt has the details, like a long-term manager, worked out.

When Brandt figures out the details requested, those plans will be reviewed by the Liquor Control Board again for approval.

The matter would then move on to the full City Commission to decide if it’s approved.

City Auditor Steve Sprague said he talked to Brandt before the meeting and was told it’s intended to name a “top-notch manager” first before figuring out what the business is going to look like.

The City Commission is set to discuss the license at a meeting on November 1st.

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