Breaking down MN & ND heating/energy assistance programs

With rising natural gas prices, more are expected to need assistance with paying for heating their homes
Published: Oct. 14, 2021 at 9:22 PM CDT
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FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) -If you’ve never qualified for heating assistance in the past.. You might this year.

For the first time, the Minnesota Department of Commerce is expecting 600,000 households are going to be eligible for heating assistance this winter.

To qualify for the programs, both require a household’s income to be at or below the median income of the state.

Charts available on the organization’s websites can show where your household fits based on number of people living there.

Both homeowners and renters are eligible.

The assistance funds will pay partial costs of natural gas, electricity, propane, and other fuel sources, as well as weatherization programs -- sealing your home to keep warm air in, and the cold air out.

If eligible, you can also receive help with the costs of cleaning, repairs, and replacing broken heating systems.

North Dakota says there are two different methods its residents will be paid.

If they buy directly from a provider, their bill will be sent to the state.

If your heating costs are included in your rent, and you don’t receive subsidized housing, you can be paid directly.

If submitting an application for assistance, you will have to give proof of incomes.

You’re encouraged to apply early as funds may run out.

However, emergency applications can be submitted at any time.

To fill out an application for assistance, North Dakotans can find the link here.

In Minnesota, your application must be sent via mail.

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