A look at ND Highway Patrol’s interdiction efforts: what troopers do to keep drugs out of our state

North Dakota Highway Patrol interdiction team
North Dakota Highway Patrol interdiction team(KFYR)
Published: Oct. 11, 2021 at 7:03 PM CDT
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BISMARCK, N.D. (KFYR) - It might look like everyday traffic to the average driver, but to the new highway patrol interdiction team it’s more than meets the eye.

“We’re looking for anomalies,” said the North Dakota Highway Patrol Sergeant who heads the interdiction team.

Troopers spend each day scanning the highways from their patrol cars.

“You’re looking for the worst part of society, you’re seeking it out and those people could be very dangerous people,” added the Sergeant.

Highway Patrol has dedicated a five-member team to focus on criminal interdiction efforts.

“The decision was finally made that we need to go ahead and do this. We need to try this and see. It seems to be so successful in other states,” said Lt. Adam Dvorak, assistant operations commander for the North Dakota Highway Patrol.

They patrol across the state. Suspicious drivers can only be stopped for legal reasons. Then, the troopers interview drivers to discover hidden motivations.

“Sometimes it is needle in a haystack. And sometimes it is, ‘Hey we’re going to spend all day looking for one specific person, and if we strike out, we strike out, but hey we are going to try because we have deemed that it is worth it,’” added the Sergeant.

Their mission is straightforward.

“If we can interrupt their operations, if we can apprehend them, even if we can push them out of our state... that’s the goal,” said Lt. Dvorak.

The team works to keep citizens safe.

“Just because we are having a conversation with you doesn’t mean it’s not genuine. We truly are friendly people. We know that most North Dakotans are good everyday people that are just trying to get to work and live their lives. They just have to know that we are out there looking for the ones that are not,” added the Sergeant.

Since the team began interdiction efforts in August, troopers say they’ve seen success.

Highway Patrol is now building relationships with other agencies to continue the expansive efforts. Montana, Minnesota and South Dakota have also seen success with dedication to criminal interdiction.

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