If you live in rural Clay County, be on the look out for thieves

Published: Sep. 29, 2021 at 10:16 AM CDT
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CLAY COUNTY, Minn. (Valley News Live) - Keep a sharp eye out for burglars. In clay county alone, authorities are reporting a noticeable increase in numbers.

Investigators have been working on 30 cases spread through out Clay County since June 1, and the thieves aren’t picky...taking anything they can get their hands on.

”We have to try and do something to curb this for our community and we are going to do whatever it takes.” said Clay County Sheriff Mark Empting.

He said in recent months his office has been flooded with burglary and theft reports, and the thieves are targeting rural vacant properties and construction sites. The thieves are taking things like catalytic converters, tools and anything not locked away.

In an effort to try to catch them in the act, the Sheriff said investigators will be patrolling rural areas at early hours in the morning.

“We’ve definitely upped out patrol...A way to try and curb this a little bit more.” said Empting.

The sheriff is urging anyone who sees anything suspicious to call dispatch.

“Maybe they see a vehicle that doesn’t belong in that area. ‘Why is this car on this deserted township road at 4 a.m?’ We’re going to go check on that.”

Empting says his office is also checking with local pawn shops for any suspicious or stolen items. He also strongly recommends people living in rural Clay County install camera systems on their property. He said camera footage is a tremendous help to their investigations.

The Sheriff also asks beet truck drivers now working in rural parts of the county to help keep an eye out for anything suspicious.

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