No recall election to be held for Fargo School Board

Published: Sep. 22, 2021 at 2:25 PM CDT
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FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) - After a review of the signature validation process by the Fargo Public Schools business manager, it was determined that there will be no recall election. The school board recall committee was aiming to recall members Nikkie Gullickson, Seth Holden, Jim Johnson and Tracie Newman, and now cannot be subject to another recall effort in their current terms which expire in 2024.

“It was a very time consuming process and we did take it very seriously.” said FPS Business Manager Jackie Gapp, who led the signature validation process.

After Gapp completed the validation process she determined that the petitions submitted did not include the necessary 4,144 valid signatures for each Board member to call for a special recall election.

“It was an interesting process to learn to go through and we again relied on what the law states and making sure that we’re compliant with what was expected of us during this process.” said Gapp.

The criteria that is in place to determine if they were invalid goes as such:

-Petition not circulated in its entirety

-Inadequate signature

-Out-of-district address

-Address missing both city and zip code

-No date

-Notary errors

-Circulator errors

-Address omissions

Additionally, signatures from residents outside of Fargo were invalid as well. Some of the signatures from the Fargo area were ineligible due to those residents being a part of the West Fargo Public Schools.

“Like I said, there’s a couple of issues that were legitimate but when you boil it down this started with masks and they crossed the finish line to them with masks.” FPS School Board member Seth Holden.

The Fargo school board recall committee is currently in talks with state’s attorney general and a lawyer.

Recall Effort:


Nikkie Gullickson 4,457 3,081

Seth Holden 4,451 2,996

Jim Johnson 4,514 2,879

Tracie Newman 4,472 2,910

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