UPDATE: Two others say they were scammed by same woman with fake checks

“I should have been a little more cautious I guess.”
Published: Sep. 7, 2021 at 5:43 PM CDT
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WEST FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) - (UPDATE) - Two men have come forward sharing similar experiences as the West Fargo man who said his car was bought with a fake cashier’s check. They both told Valley News Live they sold their cars to Amy Murray, only to find out later she used a fake check.

Aaron Gladen of Hubbard Co. says Murray met with him on Sept. 5 to purchase his car. He says she arrived just six hours after buying Jesse Sackman’s Chevy Tahoe in West Fargo. He said it wasn’t until after she took his car that he learned the check was fake. He says he filed a report with the Hubbard Co. Sheriff. The Sheriff confirmed a report was filed but was unable to give an update on the investigation or name a suspect.

The next man, Kyle Norman of Moorhead called Valley News Live and shared his experience with Amy Murray. Norman said he sold his car to Murray on Christmas Day 2020. He said the fraudulent check she gave him was from Bremer Bank and it wasn’t until she had already taken the car when he learned the check was fake.

“How is someone who has done this before allowed to be out hurting the public?” said Norman on the phone.

Norman said he was able to file an insurance claim on the stolen vehicle with theft by deception. A few months after the initial encounter, Norman said his car was recovered and had been sold to a man living just six blocks away.

There are no updates on the investigations from the West Fargo Police or the Hubbard Co. Sheriff.

(ORGINAL) - A West Fargo man has a warning for anyone selling things online. After selling his car to a woman he later learned she used a fake check.

The woman, Amy Murray, has previously been convicted of 3 felonies one of which is forgery, similar to what Jesse Sackman said happened to him.

Earlier in 2021, Murray was a person of interest in a Fargo police investigation involving multiple fraudulent checks. In Feb. she was arrested for an unrelated warrant and convicted of assault and preventing arrest.

Now, Sackman said he is Murray’s latest victim.

“I should have been a little more cautious I guess.” said Sackman.

He said he thought the deal was too good to be true, and as it turns out... he was right.

Just an hour after posting his 2003 Chevy Tahoe for sale on Facebook he said Murray responded saying she’ll take it.

“I asked for $3,500 and she said will you take $3,200 and a cashier’s check. I said that will work.” said Sackman.

He said says she came to pick up the SUV on Sept. 5 she was acting suspicious.

“It was very quick,” said Sackman, “She didn’t even drive it, she just got in and left with it.”

He said he glanced over the check and didn’t see anything wrong with it, but later that night he noticed something was off.

“Looking a little deeper into it, that’s when I saw the spelling error.”

On the top right corner of the check it said ‘dell bank’ instead of Bell Bank. The next day he went to authorities who confirmed his suspicion.

After the Labor Day holiday he went to the bank where he was told all he had now was a worthless check, while his Tahoe was long gone.

“Keep an eye out for it I guess. I’d assume she is nowhere around here.” said Sackman.

West Fargo Sergeant Tim Runcorn said he couldn’t give any information since the case is under investigation. However he was able to offer tips on how to prevent this from happening to others.

First, he said for cashier’s checks or counterfeit money if it feels wrong and looks wrong... It’s probably fake. When dealing with transactions like Sackman’s he said pay close attention to the details of the check, look for typos and anything that looks out of place. In this case bell bank is spelled incorrectly, the address has a dash instead of a comma and the signatures appear to be a stamp. Runcorn said the best thing you can do is call the bank to verify the checks validity before parting with your items.

Valley News Live reached out to Amy Murray but hasn’t heard back.

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