Windbreak fined for serving underage customers

Published: Aug. 18, 2021 at 2:33 PM CDT
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FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) - A popular Fargo bar has been fined after Fargo Police say there have been a ‘number of instances with a similar theme of underage drinking.’

The Liquor Control Board voted to give the Windbreak a $500 fine for its first offense of allowing an underage person inside the venue and drinking, as well as a mandatory server training for all Windbreak staff. The Windbreak will not have a license sanction.

Chief David Zibolski says his officers were sent on June 18 to a traffic crash in the area of the Windbreak. There, a 19-year-old admitted to officers that she had been drinking at the Windbreak with her fake Wisconsin ID prior to the crash. Zibolski says officers talked with Windbreak staff about the situation.

Another 19-year-old was involved in an incident at the Windbreak on June 24, Zibolski said. Police were called to the bar around 11:30 p.m. for a fight involving the 19-year-old girl. Zibolski says the teen admitted to drinking inside the Windbreak because she was wearing a bracelet that allowed her to. The 19-year-old told officers her boyfriend bought two wristbands at the door and gave her the extra. Zibolski says the underage teen was never carded.

On July 20, Chief Zibolski says there was a meeting between FPD and the general manager of the Windbreak about the concerns of underage drinking. Like several other meetings police have had with business owners who are dealing with similar issues, Zibolski says FPD strongly urged the Windbreak to buy ID scanners. However, Zibolski says Windbreak management told officers that the security staff was sufficient in recognizing fake IDs and that they would not be purchasing ID scanners.

Zibolski says he had another conversation with the Windbreak GM on Aug. 6. Zibolski says management told him they didn’t want to get an ID scanner because scanners would take too long to get people through the door.

The Liquor Control board also approved a motion to create a package with the City Attorneys Office and Fargo Police that would make it mandatory for businesses with liquor licenses to have ID scanners. The motion must now be approved by the City Commission to go forward.

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