FPD say man with ballistic vest, gun on Fargo bike path did nothing illegal

Published: Jul. 22, 2021 at 12:28 PM CDT
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FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) - A flurry of 911 calls went off to Fargo Police officers Wednesday night after those in the area of Brunsdale Park stated a man was walking around with a gun and bulletproof vest.

Fargo Police says they responded to the 1700 block of 27th Ave. S. and eventually made contact with the man who was sitting on a bench along the bike path.

“You could see the gun. He got up and walked around a little bit, but then he sat back down. He was there for about a half hour. (This area) is very active of kids. So, it’s scary. It’s concerning,” Stacey, a woman who lives in the neighborhood and saw the man on Wednesday evening said.

One man tells Valley News Live that he runs the path almost every day. He says while he didn’t see the man *yesterday* he *has* seen him before on the path near rose creek.

FPD state this isn’t the first time they’ve been called about this man. The department says officers responded to roughly the same area on the night of July 4 as neighbors called in once again with concerns over the man’s ballistic clothes and gun.

The man told officers both time that’s just how he always dresses and it’s not going to change.

Valley News Live is not naming the man as he’s never been charged. Fargo Police say while it’s not something you see every day, what he’s doing is not against the law.

“It was in plain view and the weapon was unloaded, which in the state of North Dakota, unless you’re prohibited from owning a firearm, any North Dakota citizen can be in possession of a firearm,” Fargo Police Sgt. Mike Sanden said.

Sanden says the man was cooperative and provided officers with his ID and concealed weapons permit.

Sanden also says under the state’s Constitutional Carry Law, North Dakota residents can carry concealed weapons as long as you have a valid ID and have lived in the state for at least a year.

Sanden adds, all that being said, it’s still important to call police if you come across something like this and makes you concerned.

“This gets a little tricky because we want to make sure that nobody’s out there trying to purposefully cause a disturbance or put people in fear of serious bodily injury or death by the use of the firearm,” he said.

Sanden reminds you to always stay alert and aware.

“More often than not we go through our lives staring at our cell phones, worrying about work or what’s going on at home. Just be in the moment and worry about what’s going on around you. Your own personal safety is paramount,” he said.

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