Man’s workouts hit 10,000 consecutive days

Published: Jul. 14, 2021 at 1:44 PM CDT
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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG/Gray News) - We can all find excuses not to work out, but one man has not made one for the last 27 years.

That’s more than 10,000 straight days.

The fitness journey started for 65-year-old Mark Mueller on February 21, 1994, KCRG-TV reported. He was 38 at the time and he still remembers the day.

“I looked down and swore to myself that my gut would never stick out further than my chest, and I have never forgotten that,” Mueller said.

That’s when he vowed to never miss a workout and he’s kept that promise to himself.

“I am afraid not to work out anymore,” Mueller said. “And then after I hit 9,000, then I actually set a goal to go for 10,000.”

It hasn’t always been easy. He’s had some great reasons to skip a workout.

“I found out I had walking pneumonia, so I had to pretty much stay in the weight room and lift light for a couple of days,” Mueller said. “I had COVID in January.”

When he had coronavirus, he rode a stationary bike and did lots of running on the treadmill.

So he doesn’t get burned out, Mueller mixes up his workouts.

And if you’re questioning whether he really did all of them, Mueller’s recorded every one of his workouts in a journal.

“It’s color-coded,” he said showing a page in the journal. “So like the date is in green, because green is the color for growth, and it’s another day to grow and improve myself. I always have a purpose for each workout.”

Mueller has no plans to stop his long-running fitness routine. He said he hopes to continue until they put him six feet under.

“I was coming out of the [YMCA] yesterday and Keith Wymore is walking in to get a little workout in,” Mueller said. “[Keith] is 94 going on 95, so I’ve got a few years to go.”

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