Family Business: Teams battle for Lamoureux Hockey Cup

Published: Jun. 27, 2021 at 10:49 PM CDT
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FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) - The Farmers Union Insurance Center hosted hockey once again, this time hosting the thrilling conclusion to a four-week-long camp. The Lamoureaux Hockey Camp hosted the final games of their championship tournament with teams of youth hockey players battling for the Lamoureaux Cup. This camp is hosted by Fargo Force Head Coach Pierre-Paul Lameroux and his wife Randi.

“Honestly it’s been a really good experience.” said Randi about the tournament, “It’s kind of like a family event this is our fourth weekend of tournaments in June so it’s really fun because you get to see a lot of the same families weekend after weekend and everyone basically becomes a big hockey family.”

“We just want to provide an opportunity for kids to play, compete, have a great weekend. I know the parents really enjoy bringing the families down.” Pierre-Paul said, “Fargo is such a great city, it’s a great place for people to gather and have a great time. Even the teams that don’t win the championship are enjoying their weekends and we’ve had a lot of great feedback.

The Hosts go all out for the teams, including a massive trophy and custom sticks for the winners of the cup. This year the 2007 bracket was won by a team named “the Thieves”, who will now have their names permanently placed on the Lamoureaux Cup.

“To separate ourselves we really want to try and provide a unique experience for the players and families. Any extra touches we can put on for the players, especially rhe teams that earn it and win the championship, we want it to be exciting for them.” Pierre-Paul explained.

This year’s event in Fargo brought in teams from near and far, including a team from the Seattle Area. The Lamoureauxs are hoping that this growth continues as they look to become a premiere event for hockey in our region.

“I didn’t think that tournaments were going to be something that we were going to do. But it just kind of evolved. We’ve gotten a lot of great feedback so it’s kind of fun. It just motivates you to continue doing year after year and weekend after weekend.” said Randi.

To say that Hockey is a family business for the Lamoureuxs would be an understatement. They credited their coaches, volunteers and each other for being able to put on an event this size.

“It’s fun to be around everybody and work together.” Randi said on working with her husband. “And some of my strengths are his weakness and vice-versa. So it’s really great that we can work together and build something.”

“During the year I sacrifice a lot of time away from my family,” said Pierre-Paul, “so for us to be able to do this together and work together and collaborate together. It’s our business but we do it together and work well together. We’ve really grown closer as a family by doing it.”

There were close to 50 teams competing in this year’s tournament.

The Lamureaux Family looks to make this event even bigger in the coming years.

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