Fundraising group breaks ground on Fargo-Davies Turf Field

Updated: May. 10, 2021 at 9:23 PM CDT
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FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) - The Fargo-Davies athletic teams will have a new home field this coming fall. School officials and fundraisers officially broke ground on the football field as they prepare to install new Turf over the summer. This comes after years of fundraising by a group of parents, who raised 1.3 million dollars for the new field.

“Today I think solidifies the work that our community did.” said Davies Building Principal Troy Cody. “If you’re someone that even gave $5 all the way to $500,000, you have a vital part in this. You partnered with our school and today is really about them.”

“I’m just really grateful to the community as a whole for stepping forward and helping us achieve our goals.” added fundraiser Kristi Ulrich.

These fundraising efforts began back in 2018. Davies is one of the last schools in the are to use a natural grass field, which has caused some issues for their athletic programs. Including a season where the field was in such bad shape they had to play multiple home games at other schools.

“All the other schools in the EDC and Class A have turf. Then we don’t have an unfair advantage playing on an uneven surface or a snow covered surface that we can’t always clear off.” Ulrich said.

Troy added that “It brings some stability to our school. It just brings a consistent approach to our games this spring. And anyone knows that North Dakota weather it’s just unpredictable.”

This new turf opens a whole new world of opportunities for the Eagles, and all of their outdoor athletic programs.

“That’s really the key is just to provide students with additional opportunities that they don’t end up having to run schedules here and schedules there trying to find new space if our field is unplayable.” said Troy.

The Field is set to be ready for play by the end of July.

They’ll have a ribbon-cutting ceremony before their first home football game in the Fall.

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