Lyme disease: A silent problem in the human body

Updated: May. 7, 2021 at 10:31 PM CDT
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FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) - As we move into the summer, more and more people are out and about. With the activity, there’s more chances of getting a tick bite that could lead to Lyme disease. Ryan Courneya, a man from Moorhead, MN, is wanting to bring awareness to this silent attack.

“We seem fine on the outside but a lot of times on the inside we’re under an enormous amount of stress in our bodies constantly.” said Courneya.

Courneya looks like a healthy 32 year-old man, but on the inside he is suffering. He first noticed the symptoms two years ago, from fatigue to aches and pains. Courneya also said he can’t do normal exercises anymore because of his symptoms.

“I was having a lot neck tension, neck pain, tingling in my forehead, I was having dizziness, vertigo, an imbalance feeling kind of like I’m rocking in a boat when I’m walking,” said Courneya. “But on the inside I was feeling very miserable. That’s how it all started, it made it extremely debilitating to function throughout the day.”

The infection is caused by ticks after they bite. The bacteria then passes through the body, and while it doesn’t cause any harm, the body’s reaction is what causes the major problems. These symptoms vary from person to person, and the severity spectrum is wide as well.

“Some people can have more severe disease when it affects their joints and they become hard, swollen and tender.” said Sanford Dr. Avish Nagpal.

While some people lose their symptoms after receiving treatment, there are others that still suffer from the disease for your years to come.

“I want to tell anybody out there if you’re experiencing strange symptoms and you’re told it’s all in your head, it’s just anxiety, it’s just stress, never stop pushing for answers and never stop researching and talking and getting multiple opinions.” said Courneya.

May serves as the Lyme Disease Awareness month.

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