Dilworth City Council strikes down pet limit proposal

Published: Apr. 12, 2021 at 10:23 PM CDT
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FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) - The Dilworth City Council made a unanimous vote Monday night to strike down a pet limit proposal. This limit pertained to cats and dogs.

The limit would have only up to four dogs, or four cats or a combination of both. Mayor Chad Olson was a part of the 5-0 vote, and was against the limit itself.

“But setting the maximum number I think it’s an overstep,” said Mayor Olson. “The concern is the welfare of the pet are they being taken care of? If they are fantastic, that’s exactly what we want. And if they’re not, because there are so many then we can step in that way.”

During their discussion, a point was made on the phone on to why the proposal was made. This was due to the woman having 35 cats in her van in 2019. Mayor Olson says that he won’t make policies on one-off occurrences.

“I have a tendency not to set a policy for one person or one instance and I think this has far reaching ramifications and I think it’s an overstep, I think it’s too broad and too limiting,” said Mayor Olson. “If the pets are well taken care of and it’s not a nuisance and the owners are good and the pets are good, I’m ok with that.”

“It’s like the adage, there’s no bad dogs, just bad owners. I don’t think setting a limit on how many pets each household can have is going to rectify that.” said Dilworth City Council member Kevin Peterson.

If the ordinance had passed, it would have put Dilworth in line with neighboring areas Moorhead and Fargo. The council did pass a part of the ordinance to move forward with a microchip program.

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