Moorhead man arrested for alleged involvement of U.S. Capitol riots

Jordan Stotts on Capitol surveillance video
Jordan Stotts on Capitol surveillance video(FBI)
Published: Mar. 19, 2021 at 3:05 PM CDT
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FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) - A Moorhead man has been arrested for his alleged involvement at the U.S. Capitol riots earlier this year.

31-year-old Jordan K. Stotts was arrested on Friday by FBI agents for one charge of knowingly entering in any restricted building or grounds without lawful authority, and one count of violent entry and disorderly conduct on capitol grounds on January 6th.

Documents say FBI agents in Minneapolis received a tip on Jan. 8 from an individual about posts on Stotts’ social media pages, particularly Facebook, with statements and photos that indicated he was involved in the riot at the Capitol building.

One of the posts stated:

‘For too long our voices have gone unheard! For too long our lives have been slowly taken! For too long has Satan ran this country! They attack our religious freedom, freedom of speech, and our freedom to do as we please! They work for us and have no right telling us what we can and can’t do! I’m sick of it and so are the Patriots! With God on our side we will prevail!’

A second post stated:

‘The story of the siege: It all started by scaling a wall as we broke into the U.S. Capital [sic] to strike fear into the sold out Congress. We were tear gassed and 2 people were shot. We were peaceful but the police were not. Police were aggressive and on the wrong side! They got us out but it’s far from over! 1776!’

Documents say Stotts also posted a photo taken from the steps of the Capitol building with the following caption: “Patriots! I got kicked out but I’ll be back!”

On Jan. 8, a post was made on Stott’s Facebook page: “Peace Out Facebook! Apparently I’m a wanted man and will be going off the grid for a while!”

On Jan. 18, Stotts agreed to meet for an in-person interview with the FBI at the Moorhead Police Department.

Documents say Stotts stated that he wanted ‘to make his voice heard and be a part of it.’ He stated he was a supporter of President Trump and saw that President Trump wanted supporters to come to Washington, D.C. for a rally. Documents say Stotts admitted that when he got to the Capitol, he climbed onto a balcony and chanted with the crowd. At approximately 2:45 p.m., documents say Stotts entered the Capitol building through a door and once inside the Capitol building, he walked to the rotunda area and stayed inside for approximately one hour.

Documents say Stotts admitted to using his cell phone to record videos while inside the Capitol building, including a short 360-degree video in the rotunda that he then posted to his Facebook page.

Investigators later located Stotts in surveillance video from inside the Capitol.

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