Woman says her drink was drugged at Fargo bar, test found ecstasy in her system

“You’ve got to be careful. It doesn’t matter how old you are!”
Published: Mar. 9, 2021 at 6:22 PM CST
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FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) - A Minnesota woman has a warning for you tonight after she reached out to our Whistle Blower Hotline stating she and her friend’s drinks were drugged at a downtown Fargo bar last weekend.

“I don’t remember walking downstairs. I remember getting in the car and I don’t remember the drive home,” Sandy Tollefson said.

Tollefson’s not much of a drinker, but says she had a few beers Saturday night when she, her husband and another couple were in town from Audubon, Minn.

“The fourth drink, I had a couple sips and I kept feeling funny. And I said, ‘I don’t want anymore,’” she said.

Tollefson says she poured the rest of her drink into her male friend’s cup, who she says also soon became sick and loopy.

“Any man, any woman. You’re not safe. Something’s going on and it happened that quickly,” Tollefson said.

Tollefson says while neither of the two have ever gotten drunk off of only three or four beers, they didn’t know what else it could be.

“So, when I went into do my study on Monday night, that’s when they found out I had tested positive for ecstasy,” she said.

The result is listed on Tollefson’s lab report from Axis Clinical in Dilworth, which disqualified her from the $7500 medical study and banned her from participating in any studies for the next six months.

“I have a small business and that really is effected with covid,” she said.

Tollefson’s lab report from one month prior shows no presence of ecstasy, otherwise known as MDMA, or any other illegal substances. Tollefson adamantly states she’s never taken ecstasy in her life.

“You’ve got to be careful. It doesn’t matter how old you are!” Tollefson said. “That’s where the scariness is. Somebody could have done anything to me if I wasn’t with my husband.”

She says at their shared table, there was one person they didn’t know who bought a round of drinks. She says the owner of the bar is looking at surveillance footage and Tolleson says she made a report with Fargo Police.

Valley News Live is not naming the bar where this alleged incident happened. Tollefson says this ‘is bigger than the bars and bartenders. This could have happened anywhere.’

Fargo Police say while they do take reports like this from time to time, it’s not connected to any one bar and there’s not currently an influx of incidents.

“There probably were some people who were effected that night that were in that bar that don’t know it,” Tollefson said.

Tollefson says she hopes by sharing her story, she saves at least one person from the terrifying what-if’s and any potential danger.

“I just wouldn’t take a drink from anybody. I would not,” she said.

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