Minn. woman seriously hurt while riding horse, asking drivers to use caution

Published: Mar. 5, 2021 at 9:16 PM CST
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HENNING, Minn. (Valley News Live) - Katie Nolte has been riding horses for as long as she can remember. Tuesday afternoon was no different.

“It was just so nice the other day,” she says. “I wanted to go for a ride.”

However, Nolte could have never imagined her ride would end in a trip to the emergency room. She was riding her horse, Cash, along State Hwy 108 in rural Henning, Minn.

She says she was on the shoulder of the road when a car came around a corner full throttle, spooking her horse. The next thing Nolte knew, she was in the ditch.

“His whole entire 1,200 pounds of body weight fell right on my lower leg,” she says. “As soon as I tried to get up, I knew it was broken. There was no getting up from that one.”

Nolte says a Good Samaritan, who saw the accident, pulled over to help her. Nolte’s leg was broken in two separate places. She had surgery on Wednesday, but it’s going to be a few weeks before she’s back on the saddle.

On Minnesota roads, riders have the right of way. Drivers are required to yield to them the same as a runner or a biker.

“The difference between someone riding a bike and someone riding a horse is this is 1,200 pounds of it’s own mind,” Nolte says. “He thinks for himself, he moves for himself. If you startle him, it could have been so much worse.”

Nolte is sharing her story to warn drivers and protect other riders.

“We just ask that you slow down and pay attention to your surroundings. Otherwise you could kill someone, easily.”

Nolte adds her horse was a little sore and scared, but is back to his normal self now.

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