Possibility of power outages continuing throughout North Dakota, Minnesota

Over 9,800 households were without power in Moorhead and hundreds of thousands lost power across North Dakota. Representatives say the power outage could happen again tonight and even throughout tomorrow.
Power outage graphic
Power outage graphic(Power line photo credit Noah Boyer)
Published: Feb. 16, 2021 at 3:31 PM CST
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STATE OF NORTH DAKOTA, MOORHEAD, MN (Valley News Live) -Thousands of households across North Dakota and Minnesota had their power cut off without any kind of warning.

This unexpected occurrence still leaves many on edge about the possibility of their power going out again.

Valley News Live reached out to Moorhead Public Service and the North Dakota Public Service Commission for comment about these power outages.

Both representatives say the outages are over for now but could be expected again tonight and even throughout tomorrow.

Over 9,800 households were without power in Moorhead and hundreds of thousands lost power across North Dakota.

Many people are still showing frustration because their power was out unexpectedly and they was not able to prepare themselves.

Moorhead Public Service said they received the information at 9:20am, posted the outage information at 9:54am to go out around 10:00am.

North Dakota Public Service Commissioner Julie Fedorchak says she was at home when this happened.

Fedorchak provided a statement with how this all works.

“The demand for power has to equal the supply to power at all times” said Fedorchak. “When the grid operator is generating as much power as they possibility can, a lot of the renewable energy that customers have invested in heavily over the last five to ten years didn’t show up in this situation because the wind isn’t blowing and the sun isnt shining. Renewals are only providing a small fraction of power that’s demanded right now.”

Hospitals and care facilities cannot afford to have this happen again with other lives at risk.

Moorhead Public Service and North Dakota Public Service say that communication needs to be better between the grid operators and utilities so if and when this happens again, customers can be told with advanced notice.

If and when this happens again, work to reduce your electrical intake.

Don’t use your dish and clothes washers, don’t leave your fridges and freezers open and shut off lights that is not being used.

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