Health department goals for vaccine

Published: Jan. 22, 2021 at 6:25 PM CST
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(Valley News Live) -

Frustration still linger over the coronavirus vaccine. Many wonder why it’s taking so long and if President Joe Biden’s pledge to have 100 million people vaccinated in 100 days is setting the bar too low.

According to Bloomberg, the country is already vaccinating 912,000 people a day.

Health departments on both sides of the river say there’s not a clear answer as to how many COVID-19 doses they can give out in 30 or 100 days.

Kathy McKay with Clay County Public Health said a little over a thousand people had been vaccinated since January 5th, not including those in long term care facilities.

She said the numbers would be much bigger with more vaccines rather than the 100 to sometimes 300 doses at a time.

Fargo Cass Public Health said as of January 18th, the number of vaccinations is more than 4,200 over 13 clinics.

That’s averaging about 323 doses per clinic.

“In Clay County, we have the capacity to do a lot more vaccine than what we’re receiving,” said Kathy McKay, Clay County Public Health Administrator. “We’re receiving small amounts each week, so we don’t have the vaccine to distribute as widely as we’d like.”

“When we get the vaccine, our goal is to really get them administered as quickly as possible, and our goal is really we receive in one week and administer in one week,” said Suzanne Schaefer, Director of Nursing at Fargo Cass Public Health.

Clay County Public Health has set up a hotline for more COVID-19 vaccine information. You can call 218-299-7204.

Fargo Cass Public Health has more information on its website.

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