VNL Whistleblower story ends with the accused paying up

Published: Jan. 14, 2021 at 9:37 PM CST
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MOORHEAD, Minn. (Valley News Live) - A Valley News Live Whistleblower story ends with the accused paying up.

A Moorhead woman says she was scammed out of hundreds of dollars. She says she bought a car and parts to get it fixed from a local dealership promising to do the job. It wasn’t until she talked to us--two weeks later-- she finally got the goods.

With three kids at home, the Kreps are always on the go.

“I have to have a reliable vehicle for my kids, school and medical issues,” Tabitha Kreps says.

But what started as an exciting buy for Kreps, quickly turned into a headache.

“We noticed that the mirror was cracked and that the check engine light was on,” she says. “Nash told us, he would get those fixed after we purchased the car.”

Nash is the owner of Amedy Auto. Kreps says she paid him an additional $150 to replace the broken parts but says she never got the goods.

“They’re telling me I do not get my money back for the parts that I paid for, they are not going to give me the parts and they are not going to fix the vehicle.”

It wasn’t until after a Valley News Live Whistleblower story, Nash called our station, saying, he’d pay for another dealership to get the job done. When the Kreps’ parked the Kia at Matt’s Automotive, they learned it was going to take a whole lot more than $150.

“I didn’t expect $1,500,” she says. “I about had a heart attack. I haven’t slept for about a week, wondering if he was actually going to pay. I couldn’t get my car back unless the bill got paid.”

Tonight the car is good as new--back in the Kreps’ garage with Amedy Auto following through on their promise and paying the bill in full. Kreps says she’s learned a few things for next time--get everything in writing and have a third party take a look at any car before you buy it.

Kreps says the auto shop still needs to send her the plates she paid for, which should be in the mailbox tomorrow.

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