Donald Trump Shop vandalized with spray paint

Published: Jan. 1, 2021 at 8:16 PM CST
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FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) - Update (1/3/2021): After the vandalism of the Donald Trump Shop, Solomon Sewell provided a statement regarding the incident on behalf of BLM Fargo-Moorhead.

Sunday, Faith Shields-Dixon reached out to Valley News Live to say that he does not represent BLM FM.

The following statement has been released on behalf of BLM Fargo-Moorhead regarding the matter.

“The Trump Store being tagged is as inconvenient as a stubbed toe as reportedly the store itself has already reopened. Surely they carried insurance and nothing was broken. What remains is a store which sells paraphernalia of a President currently encouraging election fraud and suborning sedition. All white police violence continues nationwide, people go hungry, the prison industrial complex continues enslaving and killing, and people endure the increased risk of losing their housing in a pandemic which has now killed 350,000 people in this country, those poor, and people of color disproportionately.

A hashtag can be placed anywhere, by anyone, for any reason.

Simply put, we don’t care. We are a group who supports collective actions to address our issues as a black community. As noted by KVLY reporting this is not a collective action. Spray painting a Trump Store doesn’t do anything for us, nor does it stop the store from selling its symbols of cult-like hate to those desirous of a Trump tyranny.”

2021 started off with a bump in the road for the Donald Trump Shop off of 45 Street South in Fargo.

When an employee got to the shop, they found the storefront vandalized.

“I noticed something was going on with the sign. I thought well maybe something fell down or something. As I got closer, I saw that someone had vandalized it, spray painted it.”

Red spray paint with a message covering the entire right side of the store front.

“It said Trump didn’t win, Trump lost, and get lost. It told me to get lost, and it said BLM.”

The spray paint was accompanied by a note addressing the store owner saying in part, “Stop perpetrating a fraud election”.

Valley News Live reached out to Black Lives Matter Fargo organizers in regards to BLM being painted on the store and leaders released a statement that said in part, “While the message of Black Lives Matter attached to the act of vandalism last night holds every bit of weight and truth the leadership does not encourage or condone any acts of destruction or violence.”

The spray paint was cleaned up by the afternoon, the employee saying this is the first time something like this has happened.

“We have been here for like seven months and it really hasn’t had much trouble.”

The employee says police may have already identified the person responsible.

In a Facebook post that has since been taken down, a man posed with a spray paint can, taking credit for the crime.

Full statement provided by Solomon Sewell: “Often times it can be difficult to verbalize the pain and frustration of the Black experience in America to those who have not inherited its burdens, for how do you verbalize 450 years of pain and trauma. At times this frustration can manifest its self in ways that are not constructive. While we understand the pain we must not put our passion into acts that undermine the movement and give ammunition to those who seek to delegitimization us and detract from the progress we are making we must remain vigilant and steadfast in our struggle and move to march, to have conversation and to focus our energy into substantive change that fosters an environment that allows all to come and join the call for progress. While the message of Black Lives Matter attached to the act of vandalism last night holds every bit of weight and truth the leadership does not encourage or condone any acts of destruction or violence. While the road ahead is arduous and will certainly be filled with pain and misunderstanding we must not contribute to the destabilization of a structure that has been being built since the very first slaves touched foot on this continent. Anyone wanting to get involved or have their voice heard should follow BLMFargo on Instagram for constant updates, power to the people.”

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