Fargo parents ask that the vote for school boundary changes be put on hold

Published: Dec. 7, 2020 at 8:54 PM CST
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FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) -Overcrowding concerns at some Fargo schools could be leading to changing school boundaries.

The discussion has been a hot topic and it’s about to get more serious at Tuesday’s School Board Meeting with members planning to rank three proposed options.

“I think if the school board puts mental health and wellbeing as a priority, they too will agree to pause a vote,” Fargo parent Hailey Schepp.

With the first option, all of Ed Clapp would go to Carl Ben Eielson and South.

With option two, an area west of 25th Street and north of 17th Avenue would be assigned to Ben Franklin and North, all of Kennedy would go to Carl Ben Eielson and South.

In the third option, all of Jefferson would head to Ben and North, all of Ed Clapp and Clara Barton\Hawthorne assigned to Carl Ben Eielson and South.

With any of the three options, all Eagles would go to Discovery and Davies.

Schepp, along with other parents, say they want to save the vote for a time when there is more stability for Fargo students.

“The thought of losing one of their main support systems, which is really their friends, their teachers, school resources,” Schepp said. “The thought of changing that and the upheaval of that I think would be concerning at a time like today.”

With the uncertainty of the pandemic and added stress that comes along with it, Schepp says students need support instead of the announcement of more change to come, especially in light of recent tragedies within the school district.

“There have been recent high school suicides in Fargo,” Schepp said. “And it’s heartbreaking. Our kids are struggling. Parents and teachers are too. It just seems reckless to vote to take away a major support system from our students.”

Either way, things would stay as-is for next year. The changes would go into effect for the 2022-23 school year.

Schepp says she has been in contact with school board members about her concerns.

A group of parents is planning to attend the board meeting Tuesday to continue to advocate for putting the vote on pause.

To read more about the proposed options up for a vote, click here.

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