“It’s over the top”, WF City Commissioner calls School District COVID policy into question after daughter put into COVID protocol

Published: Nov. 15, 2020 at 6:58 PM CST
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FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) - A West Fargo Parent and member of their city commission is calling the school district’s COVID-19 protocols into question after attempting to call her daughter out sick.

Mandy George said that when she attempted to tell the school her daughter would be out with a stomachache and headache, she was automatically added to the school’s screener, which would require her to be tested for COVID, stay out of school for 10 days, or get an alternate diagnosis from a doctor.

“It was basically a little tummy-ache. She wasn’t puking. It was nothing." George Said over a zoom interview, "It was minor. It never would have crossed my mind that they would put her on a COVID list.”

The screening tool has been in place since the beginning of the school year, and includes symptoms that show whether or not the student should come to school. Nausea and Headaches are both listed in the symptoms that would require a student to stay home.

When asked about the experience George said, “I just think the policy is over the top. I get that we have to protect families, have to protect teachers, I get it. If she had a fever and I genuinely thought she was sick, I understand it. Do the 2-week quarantine in that situation. I understand. But to have such ridiculously minor issues and for them to put her on a COVID list, that’s what I found really frustrating and infuriating.”

George went on to say that this incident has made her question whether or not she wants to report symptoms to the school in the future.

“I would not feel comfortable telling the school the truth the next time around." George said, "If she’s going to be quarantined and not able to go to school for 10 days and put on a COVID list for a little bit of a stomach ache, I’ll be honest I’m not going to tell the school.”

We reached out to West Fargo Public Schools who told us via email that they are by no means saying that any individual who does not pass the screening tool has COVID, they are just taking precautions to protect student and anyone they may come in contact with. They would not talk to us on camera about this particular issue.

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