’Can I change my vote’ trending on Google

Can I change my vote
Can I change my vote(KVLY)
Published: Oct. 27, 2020 at 4:56 PM CDT
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(Valley News Live) -

Election Day is nearing, and more than 64 million Americans have already voted, some of which are going back on who they want to win for president.

“Can I change my vote” is strongly trending on Google, which has jumped nearly 500% between Monday and Tuesday in the United States, according to an article by Newsweek.

In the past week, North Dakota ranking number three on the charts for the search, and Minnesota ranking number five.

Minnesota officials said as long as election officials didn’t count your absentee ballot, you could’ve cast a ballot for another opponent in person by voting in your polling place two weeks before the election.

By October 20nd, you would’ve had to cancel your ballot, contact the local election office, and submit and new mail-in ballot.

“With the proliferation of information and rumor, I can see it both being good and bad,” said Aaron Harrington from Mapleton, North Dakota.

Harrington said if he lived on the Minnesota side, he would consider changing his ballot if he found out his vote did something he didn’t agree with.

“You want your leaders to, you know, set a good example for the rest of us,” said Harrington.

The Clay County Courthouse said there’s a slim chance that they haven’t already opened your absentee ballot, meaning it may be too late to change your mind. Officials said if you vote in person, you can’t go back either. They also said one person had changed their vote so far.

To find out where you can vote on both sides of the river click here.

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