Whistleblower catches young adults on Ring camera after $700 in tools were stolen last week

Ring footage
Ring footage(KVLY)
Published: Oct. 15, 2020 at 4:42 PM CDT
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WEST FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) -

A man contacted our Whistleblower Hotline, saying he had 700-dollars worth of items stolen from his truck. Now, he says his eyes are peeled after he caught a group snooping around his vehicle Wednesday night on camera.

Ring video showed meddling young adults outside of Chris Herrick’s house in West Fargo. He lives in The Wilds neighborhood across from Legacy Elementary School.

“There’s just been a lot more suspicious vehicles driving around the neighborhood between contractors and people just looking at contractor’s tools,” said Herrick.

Last week someone broke into Herrick’s truck and stole $700 worth of tools.

Around two Wednesday morning, he said a group of young adults were in a red car driving in front of his home. The group parked and walked behind his truck before they noticed they were caught on video.

“There’s a ring camera right there,” said the young adults in the video. “Go to the park, go to the park.”

A few moments later, someone else runs into the car before it takes off.

Herrick said the kids didn’t take anything and isn’t sure if this was the same group that stole from him last week.

He said they have a rude awakening ahead of them if they think they can get away with stealing.

“Being 18 years old in high school or college age, it’s going to be a tough future for you if you caught with theft on your record,” said Herrick. “Personally working for a construction company, everybody’s hiring all the time, and there’s so many jobs out there that come work for an honest living.”

Herrick said he’s monitoring pawn shops and social media for a lead and working with a detective to track down who’s responsible, so this doesn’t happen again.

We did some digging and found out burglaries, thefts and vandalism happened at least ten times in the last week in West Fargo.

At least 24 burglaries happened in Fargo in the last week.

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