Growing concern of drug overdoses in the Valley

Published: Sep. 23, 2020 at 9:44 PM CDT
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FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) - Our streets are a little safer after a drug bust that authorities describe as significant.

It involves 14,000 M30 Fentanyl pills.

Local law enforcement says the seizure of so many Fentanyl pills is part of a much larger picture, tied to overdose rates on the rise in the community.

“Knowing that that’s happening, it kind of makes me take a few more precautions when I’m out and about,” Sophia Austvold of Fargo said.

Fargo Police say these M30 Fentanyl pills appear to be Oxycodone but are far more dangerous.

“It’s happening here in our backyards,” Kody Kalamaha of Fargo said.

Authorities say that we are nearing overdose levels of 2016 when the spike across the nation was due to opioids.

In 2016, Fargo Police investigated 66 opiate overdoses and 13 people died.

This year, police say they are seeing a steady increase and hope to get these drugs off of the streets to avoid a worsening crisis.

“Getting these off of the streets and hopefully being one step further in this investigation in locating these traffickers can reduce the overdose deaths that are happening in our communities,” Jessica Schindeldecker, Fargo’s Crime Prevention and Public Information Officer, said.

The bust, however significant, is just one battle in the continuing war that keeps law enforcement throughout the region looking and worried.

“As long as drugs exist in our community, there’s always going to be a concern,” Schindeldecker said.

Officers haven’t released any names from Tuesday’s bust, but say several people are facing potential state and federal charges.

As the investigation continues, police are pleading that if you notice anything out of place or have any information to contact them as you could have the missing piece of the puzzle for investigators.

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