Special Education re-entry surveys sent out to FPS parents

Published: Aug. 4, 2020 at 6:31 PM CDT
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FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) - Jenny Doll says while she’s glad parents of special education and IEP, Individualized Educational Plan, students haven’t been forgotten about, a webinar sent out Monday night by Fargo Public Schools left her with more questions than answers on what this fall could like for her two children.

“What would happen if a child needs to learn and talk with speech where you have to see the teacher’s lips to talk and they’re wearing a mask? How do you do that? Or what would happen if your kid has to go to a smaller group for IEP versus actually staying in the classroom?” Doll posed.

Doll says as it stands right now, IEP plans will go ‘base by base’ instead of changing every six months, but she says she’s more concerned about what will happen if her children’s IEP teacher is gone for an extended amount of time.

“My son is based on a scheduling. So if you remove something from the schedule, like if you remove a time where you don’t see that teacher or a teacher is removed from a situation, his whole day is thrown off track,” she explained.

She says her third grade son struggled with virtual learning last spring, and says she hopes IEP children get more leniency when it comes to working in-person.

“Maybe on our fall and spring days, ‘Ok, we need three kids in a group because they work better, let’s move them outside where they can be individually spaced out,’” she suggested.

Doll says her son is already half a grade behind and is worried a solely virtual curriculum will set him back further, but says regardless she just hopes school leaders are able to keep students with IEPs on a schedule and routine as much as possible.

“You could definitely tell with my son working on a zoom versus in a classroom, it wasn’t working as well. So my biggest fear is that if my son and my daughter go distance learning and they don’t get the one on one help, that they’re just going to go backwards again,” she said.

The Fargo School Board is set to vote on the district’s fall re-entry plan at their meeting on Aug. 10.

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