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Published: Jun. 30, 2020 at 11:20 PM CDT
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FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) -While it may seem summer is just beginning, many are looking ahead to the fall wondering what it will look like when school begins.

“I just really want them to open and find a way, especially for these little kids to get in,” said Fargo parent Bekah Nelson. “If they weren’t to open, I would be unenrolling my child from kindergarten and he would skip kindergarten.”

“For my 12-year-old, he needs to be around other students,” said Fargo parent Tonya Leigh. “He needs to be around interaction and other friends.”

Parents we spoke to hope for answers soon as they need time to make adjustments based on what the state and school districts decide.

“Preferably in the next couple of weeks due to daycare requiring three weeks notice to terminate our contract with them,” Nelson said. “Also, if school is not going to open for some reason, we have to have enough time to find other care for my child. There’s no way we can keep him at home because he needs that social interaction.”

Fargo Superintendent Rupak Gandhi says the district recognizes the need for urgency and has the goal of releasing plans by the end of July. He says he is hoping to resume in-person instruction but giving options to families not comfortable.

“How do we create an environment where we can provide distance learning for those that need it and then still provide face-to-face instruction given the state perimeters the state will hopefully give us by then,” Superintendent Gandhi said.

Superintendent Gandhi says they have a team of people looking into how they would react to different levels of coronavirus activity in the community.

“Whether it’s a red where you are all online or you have a green where it is back to your new normal,” Superintendent Gandhi said. “We also understand that we might have to plan for a yellow model or an orange model which might be some sort of hybrid in between.”

The district is considering a variety of solutions should COVID-19 cases rise including smaller class sizes, staggered schedules, or only some students receiving in-person instruction.

Before any final decisions are made, the Fargo School District awaits state guidance.

Once the district has a better idea of what the school year will look like, school leaders say a survey will be sent to out to understand what the community wants and what they are comfortable with.

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